ServiCrédito arises in December 1996, one of the first companies to provide services 
in this new sector that gave their first steps in Portugal, and was a pioneer in the orga-
nization and creation of APERC, Association of Credit Recovery Companies, being 
one of its founding members. 
Throughout his life the company accomplished partnerships that last until today, it has a story of success and results in maximum efficiency, solving problem and ensuring more value to their partners.
Over the years in which established solid partnerships ServiCrédito believes that com-
mitment is the reason for its success. Data protection and secrecy in the development 
of their work are the guarantee of longevity in links. Managing the information with the 
consciousness of its value and importance is a commitment for life with their partners 
and their customers. 
ServiCrédito never forgets that each process is a person. Although the numbers and 
results are important, working in connection with the safeguard of individuals rights was 
always respected on ServiCrédito. We provide solutions to people's lives, with a view to 
changing vision about credit management. We demand professionalism, seriousness, 
ethics, honesty and, above all, humanity in all who collaborate with us, because res-
pect for people is understood in ServiCrédito. 
ServiCrédito knows that the image of entities sets trends and visibility in the market, 
and that the history of relationships with customers defines how they are accepted by 
the market. Therefore ServiCrédito is always aware in the defense of the image of its 
partners, in a posture of consistency and seriousness that ensures customer satisfaction. 
This is his performance in the sustainability of the image of its partners on the market.